How Can I Serve in Sports Ministry

We're glad you asked!  There are so many ways you can be involved in the ministry that takes place on our courts and fields.  Whether you are gifted with athletic abilities, administration, organization, evangelism, or you just like to meet new people, God may have a place for you to serve him through Sports!  We recognize that athletics have a unique way of bringing people together and so we desire to use this opportunity to build relationships that encourage one another toward obedience to Christ and conformity to his will.


Be a disciple who makes disciples.  On and off the court there are opportunities to get to know those involved and their families who come to support them.  Consider if the Lord might have you invest in the lives of those who enter our doors throughout the week for these athletic competitions. Get to know them and share the joy of Christ and Christian community with them.  Sign-up for a team or attend one of the games!


A lot goes into making these events possible.  Scheduling, communication, collecting forms, working clocks, keeping books, managing teams, working concessions, setting-up/tearing down, raking fields, mopping floors, are just a few of the ways that you help make these ministries possible.  Don't hesitate to contact Jeff Goodman at, if you are interested in being a part of this work that God is doing!


Ask the Lord to cause us to bear much fruit in these endeavors as we seek him to live and proclaim the gospel with authenticity and passion.  Pray for our ministry leaders that they would be filled with gospel compassion for those they interact with on the courts and fields and wisdom as they lead these activities.  Pray for all involved that the gospel would advance and the kingdom of Christ would be furthered to the glory of God our Father.