Cornerstone Family Health: Volunteers Needed

From Dr. Irene Thevatheril, Grace Church attendee:

While many students go on domestic or international missions over the summer, we do have a local mission opportunity at our doorstep this summer.  It does not have the glamor of traveling abroad, nor is it a group project, but it is nonetheless, serving the Lord so that others may come to know Christ.

Just this past weekend, we had the opportunity to share with a middle school aged boy who Jesus is and how God loves him.  This unchurched boy, who didn't know the Bible, was fascinated by the story of Noah, the ark, the rainbow and the whole problem of evil and sin.  There was not enough time during the clinic visit to answer his many questions, but there was the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with him.  We serve at Cornerstone so that people like him and others would come to know Christ.

We are short on phone/front desk coverage for the clinic for the summer, especially Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, and are seeking help especially from interested college-age and possibly end of high school students.  We can use help anytime between 7:15am and 3pm.  

Our greatest need is to find adequate coverage from July 15 to August 6, but do have gaps in coverage through the whole summer.

We do have other needs as well, such as nursing, medical billing, and administrative help. 

If interested, please email


About Cornerstone Family Health

Cornerstone Family Health is a Christ centered medical organization that has a heart for reaching out to the community. It was founded by Dr. Irene Thomas Thevatheril almost 16 years ago. She, and her team of committed volunteers, are dedicated to providing quality health care with compassion to any and every person that walks in their door irrespective of insurance status, or financial abilities.

Cornerstone models itself after Christ's love, striving to present the Gospel message to its patients in word and deed. Each day the clinic begins with a devotional and prayer with the workers. Their daily tasks are focused on empowering patients through education and discussion of healthcare options, but they are burdened to help people beyond just physical care. Prayer and counseling is available for those in need.

The clinic is always seeking more Harvest Hands (the name Dr Thevatheril adopted for the clinic’s volunteers). They see no commitment as too small. Through participation on their prayer team, office assistance, and medically trained professionals, Cornerstone is eager to find how you might have a place serving alongside them to the community of Lisle, IL and the surrounding region.

To find out more:
Tel: 630-734-3044