Sunday Evening Worship at Grace 2019-2020

Our Sunday evening services from September to May offer a range of worship, Bible study, and fellowship experiences. 

On the first Sunday of each month we give opportunity for our FLOCKS to meet.  FLOCKS are smaller home-group gatherings of perhaps 15-35 people each, comprised of a cross-section of our congregation. Please email the church for more information on FLOCKS or to help you connect with one of them. Several meet on evenings other than the first Sunday of the month.

On the third Sunday of each month we meet in the gym at 6:00 pm to enjoy our Family Dinner and Devotional.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish to share, details of which are provided each month in the bulletin by our Fellowship Committee.

The second, fourth, and fifth Sundays are given to what we call a Psalm 1 Community Conversation.  We meet in the sanctuary at 6:00 pm to address a passage or topic related to the sermon text from that morning.  Following a briefer exposition, we discuss the passage (or topic) and then respond to God's Word in prayer.  Our aim is to become "Psalm 1 Christians," ones who meditate day and night on God’s Word toward becoming strong, like trees planted by streams of water.  Childcare for nursery-age children is provided for this service.

Please join us during the summer months as well! We meet weekly outdoors (weather permitting) at 6:00 pm for our Tailgate BBQ and Devotional

Sundays with no PM Service:

Easter Sunday
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
The Sunday following Thanksgiving
The Sunday following Christmas


Sunday Evening Events: