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Enroll in the Mission Training Academy

The Mission Training Academy (MTA) provides a rich theological education experience (at no cost) for "regular" church attenders and leaders/vocational ministers alike.  As a church, we are committed to providing rigorous and regular theological education for the whole church as well as engaging in the biblically rooted calling upon the local church to raise up leaders for ecclesially based ministry and mission.  Our core seminars are open to those enrolled in the formal training tracks as well as the entire church body and are provided five times each year.

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Lead a Community Group

You can learn how to lead a small group and get experience in providing shepherding care, while at the same time being observed and mentored by other godly and mature believers.  Each of these groups has a different ministry leader and ministry structure.  Contact Ray Glinski to ask about ways that you can get involved and learn to shepherd and disciple well for the Kingdom of Christ.

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Join A Short-Term Global Outreach Team

We send out various short-term teams each year.  Generally, our teams partner with one of our global outreach workers and their local church community, and Josiah Venture to run a summer camp for youth.  Several of our own youth take part in this mission and we are always greatly blessed by a diversity of ages to help mentor and guide our own youth on our trip as well.

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