To access these directories, you will need a CCB login.  If you don't have a login, you can request one here or call the church office 630.393.7344.

Use our online directory

CCB (Church Community Builders) helps us to keep all of our information in one place.  If we have your email address already, then you can request a login.

Using our online directory will allow you to:

  • Quick search for people by name
  • See profile pictures to help associate names with faces
  • Find contact info with the touch of a button
  • See the groups you are involved in:
    • View your ministry calendars (learn how to sync your calendar here)
    • Quickly find group message threads (stop worrying about trying to sort your inbox, just login and the entire message history will be in your group!)
    • Search for other groups and see the group leaders and appropriate person to contact if you want to get involved or have a question about their ministry

The service that CCB offers us is secure and your information is protected.  Read more about their privacy policy here.