Event & Building Use Requests

Do you need to request use of the building and reserve rooms, resources, the church grounds, or fields, for a ministry event, personal use, or as an outside organization?  Please follow the designated processes below according to your needs.  Thanks!


ministry event:

If you are a ministry leader, or have been commissioned by a ministry leader to organize a church gathering, event, or outreach, we'd like to help you!  Please click here and complete the form–this will help us collect all of the necessary info we need to reserve the building and the resources you need, as well as give the office direction on how we can best help you communicate the details of your event online, in the bulletin, and the newsletter.  Thanks!

personal use:

If you want to use the gym or a part of the building for personal use, we'd be happy to get you on the schedule–please give us a quick call (630.393.7344), stop by the office and chat with us, or fill out the form below.  God has gifted our church family with these wonderful facilities for his good plans and purposes and we hope that you can be blessed through them as well.  Don't hesitate to ask, even if it's a last minute get-together!

Use is limited to members of Grace Church and those regularly invovled in our church family life together.

outside organization:

If you desire to use our church facilities as an outside organization, please contact the church office at 630.393.7344 or email info@gracedupage.org.  The first priority of the use of our buildings, grounds, and resources, is to carry out our ministry and purpose as a church family.  If there are openings after that, we can talk about what your options are and request approval from the Deacons for your event and building use.


CCB Calendar Event Information for Ministry & Group Leaders


If you are a ministry leader and you know how use the CCB calendar, here is the information that we would kindly request that you include in your event on the CCB calendar.  Please request your event and reserve your rooms and resources in CCB.  After you have done that, ask the office about how we can help communicate and promote information regarding your event.  When adding your event, please make sure you have entered all of the necessary information so that the office can help spread the word about your event and use our primary mediums of communication to promote and invite people to your event.


  • Event Title
  • Date(s) / Time(s)
  • Description: We will use this description and re-shape it to fit the website, social media, and any printed publications used to promote your event.
    • What is the main purpose of your event?  Use language that invites people to join the purpose of your event. Invite them to join in the work that God is doing in and through your ministry.
      • Be as wordy as necessary here. This will give us a better idea of how to promote your event. We may not necessarily include this in your event description, but we need to know from you:
        • Why you think this is important
        • Why you think people should participate
        • How it helps us as a church family to fulfill our purpose, further our vision prayer, complete our goals, and how it is in line with our values.
    • What do people need to know?
      • Do they need to bring something?
      • Is there a packing list?
      • Is there a sign-up deadline?
      • Should they invite friends?
      • Who should they contact if they have questions?
      • What is the plan?
  • Do you need an RSVP for your event but not a sign-up form? (Tell the office, we can help!)
    • Or you can send it to your group members yourself, just make sure you know what you are doing!
  • Do you need a sign-up form for your event? (Tell the office, we can help!)
  • Do you need attendance for this event? (Kids?) Did you set-up the attendance groupings?
  • Did you request to publish this on the churchwide and/or public calendar?
  • Did you create the event under the correct group in CCB?
  • Did you include the set-up and clean-up time needed? Do need rooms/resources for that time too?
    • Please note that you are responsible for your own clean-up and set-up for this event!
  • Did you reserve Rooms & Resources?
  • Location of the Event
  • Contact Person