If you've been following our updates, you've probably figured out that the theme of camp this year is "Seen". It is based on the idea that we all long to be seen, to be noticed, to be made much of, and how Jesus has done this for each one of us in the gospel. He's seen our need and come to rescue us. 

Last night, the gospel was clearly communicated and the students were invited to discuss it with our team and the JV leaders at the camp in a coffee shop type setting. I'll let the team members tell you their stories, but I'll just say I couldn't be prouder of how our GCD team eagerly pursued these students, invited them to follow Christ, and then prayed with them no matter where they were at. Thank you for your prayers, they were evident in a very palpable way as the night progressed and I look forward to sharing more on this when we return.

Here is the video from Thursday. The purpose of this video was to make sure everyone felt seen, so you should see everyone from camp in it, though I did miss a few Americans!