Slovenia Team 2018

For those of you who received an email last week saying we're now accepting applications for the Slovenia Missions Trip, please know that this was due to a mistake and is not actually the case. The truth is, we've been collecting applications all winter and, by God's grace, have finished the process of assembling our 2018 Slovenia Team!

Our team includes four people who have been to Slovenia before and seven who have not. It is made up of five guys and six gals. We have seven high schoolers going this year, two college age students, and two post college . . . ummm . . . people - it is debatable as to whether they are adults yet.

We've already had our first meeting, everyone should be busy at work writing their support letters, and we're looking forward to four months of fundraising, planning, praying, and growing together as a team. 

We look forward to keeping you up to date as we prepare for this years trip.


Nick Conner, Dan Sorce, Kal Jacobsen, Meredith Ristine, Hannah Clark, Mikayla Gainor, Amber Werner, Cristobal Olivo, Collin Gilmour, Margaret Ristine, and Haley Ansiel