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Slovenia Team 2018

Our team includes four people who have been to Slovenia before and seven who have not. It is made up of five guys and six gals. We have seven high schoolers going this year, two college age students, and two post college . . . ummm . . . people - it is debatable as to whether they are adults yet.

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Now Accepting Slovenia 2018 Applications

Short-term missions have four subordinate aims in light of gathering Christ-worshippers. Short-termers go 1) to support, encourage, and edify Grace Church missionaries, 2) to prepare the ground for the potential establishment of a career missionary team, or church partnership, 3) in response to a discernible leading in their lives in pursuing a potential career ministry in missions, and 4) to become vibrant, passionate world-Christians who feel the urgency of the spread of the gospel.

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Pray for Karis Wadsack

It has been a long, busy, but rewarding summer in Slovenia. After the Fusion camps that our Grace Church team was apart of, Karis took a weekend trip to Croatia with some believing friends for a much needed time of fellowship and R&R. She is now in the throws of the start of the school year, Fusion and JV planning for the year, continued discipleship and mentoring relationships with students from camp, and a JV conference in the Czech Republic.  Additionally, Karis received news last week that her grandfather had passed away. She flew home to Texas yesterday and will be there until the funeral on Saturday.  You can also be praying for...

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