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Illie & Ghizela Nadaban

Ilie Nadaban came to Christ in 1982, followed over the next few years by his wife Ghizela and two older children. Ilie and Ghizela have been blessed with 5 more children since then. Grace Church of DuPage got to know Pastor Ilie in 2000 when a music outreach team from our church ministered at an evangelistic service in their church. Shortly afterward we began supporting him, allowing him to quit his factory job and devote full time to pastoral ministry.

Being a Romanian Gypsy, God has granted Pastor Nadaban an effective ministry within the Gypsy population in Arad.   Pregeteria Baptist Church has seen 40 people come to Christ and be baptized in the past 15 years;  there are now 35 members and 25 additional regular attendees. 


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