You’re hearing more and more about PROJECT REFRESH these days. At least I hope you are! As Elders, we’re excited to see how our Lord is leading in the development of this capital campaign, and how He is continuing to clarify the needs as we progress.

Before saying any more about that, though, we need to tell you how deeply we appreciate Seth Armstrong and Brooks Walker for their excellent leadership in the early days of this initiative. The Elders are giving the overall direction. And the Deacons are supplying the list of buildings and grounds projects that need to be accomplished, prioritizing them, and supplying initial bids. But that still leaves a significant need for leadership of the overall campaign: finding, equipping, and coordinating volunteers to help with prayer, communication, cost assessment, financial reporting, quality control, and more. Seth and Brooks have stepped into that gap with a level of competence, integrity, and passion that is greatly encouraging to us.

On Sunday AM, June 11, we will be receiving an offering in our AM service to kick off PROJECT REFRESH formally, and to commit it to the Lord together. In preparation for that offering, we’re urging our whole Grace Church family to be asking our heavenly Father what He wants to provide through us personally to this campaign—money, skills, and time. Pledge Cards are available in the Church Office and at the Welcome Center in the main Lobby. These Cards will also be received with the offering on June 11.

Let’s all plan to participate, and watch together as our Father fulfills His purpose among us, enabling us to steward well the property He’s given us as a base for gospel ministry.

You can get more information on PROJECT REFRESH at www.gracedupage.org/project-refresh, or email any questions to projectrefresh@gracedupage.org.