A Fellowship of Pastors Centered Around God's Word

Our Goal...

is to help faithful men of God grow together in confidence to proclaim the Word with transforming power, and work together to see the gospel permeate the communities where they live.

Our Approach...

is built upon 8 workshops over the course of 4 years where we work through a book of the Bible, striving to hear God’s heart expressed through the thoughts and intention of the author.



Nurturing an EXPOSITIONAL MINDSET that transforms EVERYTHING


Your Head

We will seek to increase your knowledge of the Scriptures as well as develop your skills in handling the text and the proclamation of it, by training you in some practical hermeneutical principles, expositional preaching, and Biblical theology.

Your Heart

We will seek to deepen your love for God by encouraging you to more clearly see and understand God’s own heart as revealed through the intention of His Word. The desire of God, after all, was not merely to inform us but transform us into His people, for His glory in this world.

Your Hands

We will seek to foster an ever-expanding view of your calling to the ministry of the Word by exposing you to the continuing work of the gospel around the world and by preparing you to pass this training on to other faithful men.

Your Church

We will seek to nurture an expositional mindset that will transform your vision of the church into one that embraces a Word-centered ministry at work through every member of your congregation.


9/25Mon: 8am – 4pm
9/26  Tue: 8am – 4pm
9/27  Wed: 8am – Noon




27W344 Galusha Avenue
Warrenville, IL, 60555
United States

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Types of Sessions

  • Demonstrate: Each workshop opens and closes with an exposition of the book we study. We do this to powerfully hear from God’s Word and demonstrate faithful exposition.
  • Dig & Discover: This highly practical and interactive session introduces a key hermeneutical principle and puts it into practice.
  • Do: Participants present five-minute expositions and receive feedback and encouragement from their peers.

Cost: $100

Includes a variety of beverages, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day.

Register online and choose the option to pay now or pay when you arrive in the church office. Check, cash or credit card payments are accepted.  

At the conclusion of our time together on Wednesday, there will be an option to attend a lunch at a local restaurant (this cost is not covered in the registration fee and will be at an additional expense to you).

If you register online, you can still opt to pay later!