Why We Gather

We gather to ask, seek, and knock for God to develop us into a community of worshipers, that bears much fruit, as we live and proclaim the gospel with authenticity and passion. Our church is made up of people— people who need Jesus every day. We gather each Sunday to meet with God, to hear from His Word and to respond to what He has to say to us as a community. In this way we are reminded that we are His and are refreshed in Him and His mission to save us and this world.

We believe that, because of our sin, we are separated from God and the good life that He intends for us. We all fall short of His glory, but by His grace, we put our hope and trust in Jesus. He is saving us and bringing us into a new life of relationship with Himself full of hope and joy. That is what our gathering is all about, and we would love for you to join us regularly to enter into this hope we have in Jesus!