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Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)- Sundays at 9am

ABFs are Sunday school classes geared for adults of all ages and walks of life that provide an additional opportunity to gather around the Word of God for a time of instruction and prayerful response prior to our 10:30am corporate worship service.

During the school year, we have three ABFs teaching through various topics and texts. Series change every semester (4 months), giving you opportunities to switch it up and engage with different groups and texts.

Stay updated

There are two ways to recieve communication regarding our ABFs.  Follow Grace Weekly, our churchwide weekly email newsletter for a general overview of the happenings in our life together as Grace Church of DuPage.  For more specific information about ABFs, you can request to join an ABF mailing list (CCB Group) to recieve messages, prayer requests, and special announcements.

Email Ray Glinski if you would like to receive updates regarding the ABF that meets in CE-12.

Email Dan Brendsel if you would like to receive updates about the Sunday morning Kerdos meeting geared toward College & 20s.