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Want church events to automatically appear on your personal calendar?  Check out these quick instructions.  It takes less than 34 seconds!

  1. Click the "CCB Login" Button at the bottom of this page
    Hint: it's in the blueish greenish banner on the right-hand side, just above the dark colored banner.
  2. Login to your account
    If you don't have a login, click "Sign-Up."  You will be asked to enter your email address.  If your email is already in our secure system (you've added your email to the directory through the office or the Friendship Register) then you'll immediately receive an email with an activation link.  Click this, and you're all set to login!
  3. Click the calendar icon at the very top of the page on the left side of your screen.
  4. On the right side, you can toggle between "My Personal Calendar", "My Family Calendar", and the "Churchwide Calendar".
    At this time, you can only subscribe to either your personal calendar or the churchwide calendar.  It would probably help to understand what that means right?  Here's a little window into what we're dealing with here:
    • "CCB" stands for Church Community Builders - it's management software that helps the office, pastors, and various ministry volunteers keep track of calendars, contact information, building-use management, and much more.
    • "My Calendar" in CCB is where your involvement in different groups at church will appear alongside major churchwide events.
    • "Family Calendar" in CCB is where you and your family's involvement will appear alongside major churchwide events.  If your son or daughter is in youth group and you also volunteer in the nursery, then your events for these two groups will appear.
    • "Churchwide Calendar" in CCB is where major church events that either apply to everyone or a large number of people will appear.  For example, if you were a part of the Youth Leadership Team, your Leadership Meetings would appear in your personal calendar, but not the churchwide calendar.
  5. At the very bottom of either "My Calendar" or the "Churchwide" calendar, click "Subscribe"
    You can select to use your Apple Cal, Google Cal, or Outlook.  If you use a different application or you are having trouble with the above calendar apps, you can subscribe manually by copying the URL provided.  Then open your desired calendar app and select the option to add/subscribe to a calendar with a URL and paste!