What is Theology?

Theology comes from the Greek words theos (“God”) and logos (“word”). It is a term that refers to the study of God. More precisely, as Anselm of Canterbury suggested long ago, theology is “faith seeking understanding.” Augustine of Hippo used the two book method to study God—the book of nature (general revelation) and the book of Scripture (special revelation). The two books, when understood correctly, should align, having the same Author. As with other disciplines of study, we employ observation, reason, logic, and other tools to study God’s world and God’s Word to better understand Him.

Let’s face it: everyone has a theological view—even atheists! What do you believe God is like, who do you believe he is, and how did you come to your commitments? The discipline of theology allows us to use tools along with our rational minds to study and understand God’s nature, his identity, and how He is acting in our world. We will never have exhaustive knowledge about God; however, we can gain meaningful insights that will deepen our understanding and worship of Him.