Community Groups

We aim to strengthen our life together as members of Christ's body and to echo and reinforce in our daily lives the formation we receive in our Sunday morning corporate worship.  Toward this end, we host various community groups and small group meetings throughout the week.  Our meetings center around time in the Word, prayer and accountability, and typically involve sharing a meal.



These various community groups and small groups are a great way to begin connecting with people in a casual environment.  Everyone is invited to join us because these groups are designed to be for people of all ages and stages in life.  Our goal is simply to follow Jesus together.  In our group meetings we take a look at what God's Word says, ask God to show us what it means, discuss it, and ask God to help us live it out.  Several of these groups incorporate some sort of food or a meal in their meetings as well!

Meeting times range from every week to once-a-month.  Check out our group lists and contact group leaders directly if you are interested in joining a group.  You can also leave your contact info with us at the Welcome Center or contact Dan Brendsel if you'd like to know more about how you can be part of one of these groups.




Intimacy in Christ is found in prayer and growing together in his Word.  FLOCKS provide extended contact and deeper intimacy among Grace Church members.


FLOCKS are great starting place for individuals whom the Lord is calling into areas of leadership to develop skills and receive a guided mentoring experience.


A small group is a great place to invite an unsaved friend or neighbor. Many who may typically feel threatened by coming to church are more willing to come to someone’s home.


A small group forms a natural community, able to extend Christ-like care and help to meet specific needs of one another.


We are asking God to develop us into a community of worshipers that live and proclaim the gospel.  We must seek to know God and his gospel in order to live it and proclaim it with authenticity and passion.


Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples.  To this end, we gather together from time to time to serve both the physical and spiritual needs of the church body and our community.



Ladies Bible Study & Women's Groups

Men's Discipleship Groups

College & 20s Small Groups

Marriage Builders

The Thinklings (Apologetics)