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  • Pray that God would be preparing the hearts of those students who will be at our camp to hear and receive the gospel.
  • Ask the Lord to bring us great joy in serving and loving one another sacrificially for the glory of God that he might use us in his mission to call and save a people to himself.
  • Pray for unity of heart and mind (Slovene and American team).
  • Ask the Lord to teach us to be servant leaders.
  • Pray that God will give us a zeal to make him known.

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Fusion Ministry

Fusion is an ongoing music and performing arts ministry.  Each year, Fusion choirs in local churches across Central and Eastern Europe hold summer camps that use music to draw new students to camps where they will hear the gospel proclaimed and be given opportunities to respond to the gospel's call on their own lives.  Our team will partner with young Slovenian believers and Josiah Venture workers in an existing Fusion Choir ministry in Maribor, to establish discipleship relationships between the local church and the students at camp that lasts long after our American team leaves.

Short term global outreach teams can go with grand expectations of developing deep relationships that result in numerous conversions, forgetting that even if this does take place, in two weeks time the team will be leaving the country and our Slovenian friends will be in desperate need of Christian counsel, discipling, and continued witness.

That is why the mission of connecting Slovenian unbelievers with Slovenian believers is such a worthy pursuit. It seeks to build relationships that are gospel centered and sustainable and gives our unbelieving friends the best chance of being introduced to Christ and then being enveloped into loving Christian community.

Music brings people together.

"In Fusion, Josiah Venture's music and performing arts ministry, we have seen that happen over and over again."


Ministry in Slovenia

"Slovenia is a country with 2 million inhabitants and is about the size of New Jersey. Only 1,800 people in all of Slovenia claim to be evangelical Christians. This places it among the most un-evangelized countries of the world."

(Josiah Venture, josiahventure.com/people-and-places/slovenia)


We will be working with an organization called Josiah Venture.  Grace Church of DuPage has been sending summer teams to work with Josiah Venture for about 15 years.  We've witnessed real gospel fruit through their ministry, and are blessed to participate and support this movement of God as we are able.

Josiah Venture is a movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.


Join the movement

We are one very small piece in this puzzle and are humbled to have the opportunity to join in the work that God is accomplishing through Jesus Christ and his chosen instrument, the church. Please prayerfully consider how God would have you join in this movement, the advancement of the gospel, for the sake of his glory.

If you have any questions about this trip or short-term global-outreach in general, you can email our team leader, Nick Conner, or call him in the church office at (630) 393-7344.  Nick serves on staff at Grace Church of DuPage as our Staff Manager and Youth Minister.