Article XI: Deacons

Section 1. Deacon Qualifications.

The Deacons shall consist of Grace Church members possessing the qualifications described in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. They shall be servants to the Church as they assist the Elders in the ministry of service to the Church body, which may include the overall responsibility for the general physical care of the Church facilities; for the Sunday School administrative duties; for the day to day financial oversight; and for any other duties as may be assigned to them by the Elders, from time to time. A Deacon must:

(a)    Be grave (held in high respect) (1 Timothy 3:8).

(b)   Not be double-tongued (two-faced, a talebearer) (1 Timothy 3:8).

(c)    Not be given over to wine (1 Timothy 3:8).

(d)   Not be greedy (1 Timothy 3:8).

(e)    Hold forth the mystery of the faith (know, explain, and defend the great theological truths of the Bible) (1 Timothy 3:9).

(f)    Maintain a pure conscience (1 Timothy 3:9).

(g)    Be tested and proven (within the church) (1 Timothy 3:10).

(h)   Be blameless (of good reputation outside the church) (1 Timothy 3:10).

(i)     Be the husband of only one wife (1 Timothy 3:12).

(j)     Rule well his own home (see Article VIII, Section 6n) (1 Timothy 3:12).

Section 2. Selection of Deacons.

(a)    The Elders may ask those members with voting privileges and rights to choose men from amongst themselves if the need arises. These men must comply to the standards of the office of a Deacon, desire the office, and have the proper gifts to perform their duties. These men will then be put before the Elders for their final approval (Acts 6:1-6).

(b)   Process of screening and evaluation: same as that of Elder selection (see Article VIII, Section 5b).

Section 3. Leadership.

The Elders will appoint a Chairman of the Deacons from among the Deacons whose function it will be to organize, delegate and supervise the follow-through of the duties of the office of Deacon. He will report directly to the Elders.

Section 4. Accountability.

The Deacons shall be accountable to the Elders in all matters (see the guidelines for dismissal and reinstatement in Article VIII, Section 7).

Section 5. Resignations.

Any Deacon may resign effective upon giving written notice to any of the Elders.