A Letter of Prayer from Claire

I'm writing to you all today, because I'm praying for Grace Church! 

I am incredibly grateful and humbled to get to call Grace my home church and to serve together, even across an ocean. I am thankful for your corporate support and for standing in faith for this next generation of JV Kids with our team. I'm thrilled to join "Grace's Support Team" as well, and it's an honor to do so through prayer. I have the joy of getting to pray for my supporters every week (people I deeply care about!), and today I am praying for YOU!

I am studying portions of Ephesians 5 this week in preparation for teaching at JV Kids camp, so those passages are on my mind often. I am particularly praying verses 15-20 for you all, that you may walk in wisdom today, giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in Christ Jesus. I pray that he fills this body of believers with his Spirit, giving you all reason to see the height and depth of his love for you and his people in Warrenville and beyond, so that you even find yourself singing and praising his name aloud today! 

I also pray that he gives you all, both as staff and servants of the King, perseverance to continue in the good work that he started and he will finish. May he give you his Kingdom perspective on questions that you're asking and bright spots of light that remind you of his presence this week. 

I miss you all and think of you often!! Every time we take communion, I thank the Lord for Grace, and long for the day when all of God's people join together at the wedding supper of the Lamb. I miss celebrating the Lord's Supper with the Grace family, and am grateful for his Church here in Czech too. Ah, Lord Jesus, come! 

Much love,


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