Mid-Camp Report

Dear Friends,

Well the rumors were true! There is no wi-fi connection in the school where we are running camp, but I’ve been able to use a friend’s hotspot to get a mid-camp update out for you to read.

Camp has gone great thus far. The students are all really fun and interested and many of them know us from last year. Our team is also doing so well. We’ve run three late night programs, Kal is MC-ing, Collin ran our Knights in Training night, Dan is composing music constantly, Hannah is leading the dance workshop, Mikayla is leading the media workshop, and everyone else is filling in all the gaps. They are all serving, and loving, and encouraging everyone around them too. As I’ve told them multiple times, these camps are playing to their strengths as they are so good at building relationships and serving others and I’m so proud of every one of them.

Since my time on the internet is limited, I’ll keep this update short and simply ask for you to pray for tomorrow night (Thursday). Tomorrow is gospel night at camp and we need the Lord to come raise the spiritually dead among us. Would you ask Him to do just that?

With Love from Slovenia,

Nick (for the GoSloTeam)

PS Here is one of our daily recap videos for your viewing pleasure, the password is “SloTeam”.