Article IV: Position/Policy Statements

Section 1. Part of Constitution.

The Policy/Position Statements of Grace Church are incorporated by reference in this Constitution. These Policy/Position Statements, although occasionally printed separately, are part of this Constitution and may be amended only as mentioned in Article XXIII.

Section 2. Policy/Position Statement Approval.

The Elders may wish to establish and/or explain in greater depth, general policies governing Grace Church activities, guidelines and policies governing Christian living for the Church leaders and members, and doctrinal positions taken by the Church. These policies/positions will be put before the Elders as a written Policy/Position Statement and will become the official Church policy or position only upon the unanimous approval of every Elder. The Secretary shall record and add the approved Policy/Position Statements according to Article XXIII.

Section 3. Distribution.

The Secretary, with the consent of the Elders, may arrange or rearrange by subject matter the various Policy/Position Statements comprising the Policy/Position Statement Section of the Constitution for printing and general distribution within the Church.