Article XXI: Outreach Ministry/Missionary Policy

Section 1. General Mission Support Policy.

(a)    Financial support will be limited to those persons, programs, ministries or mission agencies that are substantially in agreement with our doctrinal statement, positions and policies, as well as our strong views concerning the authority of and accountability to the local church. A ministry will be underwritten by Grace Church only with the unanimous approval of every Elder.

(b)   Accountable individuals in ministries found acceptable by the Elders of Grace Church may be supported on a permanent basis with the following guidelines:

(i)     Member of Grace Church: Up to 100% of needed funds.

(ii)   Non-member of Grace Church: Up to 50% of needed funds.

Section 2. Outreach Ministry Policy.

Grace Church will actively pursue any outreach ministry which:

(a)    Is evangelistically motivated,

(b)   Has gifted lay leadership with the necessary skills,

(c)    Is financially feasible, and

(d)   Has the approval of the Elders.

Section 3. Missionary Policy.

Grace Church prefers to play a larger part in the support of fewer missionaries rather than a smaller part in the support of many. The Church preference will be to support directly the men and women from our own Church membership that are sent out from among us in fulfillment of the Great Commission of Christ as stated in Matthew 28:18-20 (see Article II of this Constitution). The scope of this ministry may be foreign, domestic or local. Church leadership will be encouraged to visit the ministries of our missionaries for the purpose of encouragement and accountability.

Section 4. Ministry and Missionary Budget.

Grace Church will designate a minimum of 25% of its General Fund offerings to outreach ministry and missionary support. Individuals desiring to have their giving divided at any ratio other than that listed above may so designate and their request may be honored after being reviewed by the Elders. In order to be responsive to what God is doing in our midst at a given period of time, the Elders recognize that there may be a need to alter upward the missionary ratio in order to meet the ministry needs that God is producing.