Article XXIV: Commissioning, Licensing, and Ordination

Section 1. Commissioning.

Commissioning acknowledges God’s call for a special ministry assignment and may be conferred by the Elders upon individuals and groups.

Section 2. Licensing.

Licensing, as recognized by the State, is issued by the Elders and is given in recognition of a man’s call to pastoral ministry. Its purpose is to allow him to perform all of the ecclesiastical duties and functions of Grace Church and indicates that he meets the qualifications of being a “clergyman” in the eyes of the State.  Licenses will be evaluated and issued as the need arises, and may be revoked by the Elders’ for biblically established cause.

Section 3. Ordination.

Ordination by Grace Church refers to the mutual recognition by the Elders of a man’s gifts and call to the preaching and teaching ministry, his preparation as a shepherd, and his qualification to serve. Ordination shall be conferred for life, but may be rescinded by the Elders for biblically established cause.