Speedy Recovery & Effective Ministry

Earlier this month, we asked you to pray for Pastor Ilie Nadaban who had just experienced a heart attack and was in the hospital. Doctors were recommending he have surgery within a week to place three cardiac stents. 

Pastor Nadaban ended up having emergency surgery three days before his scheduled procedure. Less than a month later, we received an email with pictures of a baptismal service and Pastor Nadaban back in the pulpit. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Prayer Requests for this Week:

  • Please join with us in thanksgiving to our Lord for answered prayer and a speedy recovery for Pastor Nadaban.
  • Please continue to pray the Lord would strength and heal him.
  • Pray for the congregation of Pregeteria Baptist Church, that they would continue to see fruit born through their ministry in Arad, Romania.
Romania, PrayerThe "GO" Team