Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

It was May 16th when Heidi Ansiel set out for her Josiah Venture Internship in Slovenia with the new communications team there. She served in the local church in the city of Celje to disciple youth and equip them to fulfill the great commission. Additionally, she served on the communications team to support their work of inviting students in the community to Fusion and English camps.

Before Heidi left, she summarized her prayer requests in two ways. That we would pray Psalm 86:11 for herself, the church in Celje, and the Slovene brothers and sisters she’d be working with. She also asked that we would pray the themes of Philippians 1 & 2 which she summarized below.

"May the Lord grant us one mind and heart as we strive side by side for the faith of the gospel.  May he grant to us the same love, the same mind, full accordance with one another, and one heart in our citizenship under King Jesus who is living and active among us to rule and reign forever and ever, amen."

Here is an update in her own words! Let’s continue to pray for Heidi as her internship wraps up and she takes steps toward applying for a longterm position with Josiah Venture.


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