HBC's First Graduating Class

This June Hanoi Bible College will hold its first ever graduation. This establishes a landmark event in their history that we pray will continue for years and decades to come -- the sending of young men and women impassioned and equipped with the Gospel message into the towns and cities of Vietnam.

Jon wrote about one such man, Phi, who plans to return to his home village to serve as minister in the church there. But there are unique challenges that can arise with that call. Tradition can squelch out young people's interest in Christianity. They can encounter family criticism and social pressure that can discourage them away from the church. There are also  "pseudo-Christian" cults present in Vietnam that have been in the press lately which make it difficult for believers who wish to separate themselves from it in the eyes of those in their community. Phi is very much a pioneer of faith. There is likely long and challenging work ahead for him and his peers. They would greatly benefit from our prayers for the last month of their schooling and their future ministry. If you would like to read more about Phi, you can click this link.

In regards to the Hoglunds, they have settled into a daily routine that is a blessing after almost two years of ministry and cultural transition in Vietnam. Praise God for his provision and faithfulness to them over these many months. They have a few weeks left of school before summertime  break. They also just celebrated Ingrid's first birthday the last week of April. To read more about their ministry you can click here.

Ways to Pray:

  • It requires faith and imagination to see how God is at work in his church. Phi and his family plan to live in Tho An and serve the church there. Pray for him, that they would earn the trust of people there and minister God's word in fresh and creative ways.

  • And pray for the rest of the graduating Bible College students too, that the Lord would provide them with open doors for ministry.

  • Pray for continued wisdom and faithful service from the Hoglunds in the work the Lord has for them at HBC and in the community they are living.

  • Pray for HBC's first ever graduation in June. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate what God has done in establishing a Bible College in Hanoi. Pray that the students would persevere through their final weeks.

Phi and Song - two students of HBC that are graduating in June.

Phi and Song - two students of HBC that are graduating in June.