Theresa's Travels: Winter into Spring


Being a True Friend

We have been studying through the book of Proverbs and yesterday’s message was on the topic of friendship. A couple of the opening questions were, “Are friends necessary or just nice to have?” Where do friends fit in my priorities?” These questions and the message that followed challenged me to think about my friendships and how I need to work on being a better friend.
True friendship is expressed at all times and not just in time of need. Friends love you through all the seasons of life. They forgive you and don’t keep a record of your wrongs. They rejoice with you. They suffer with you. They tell you the truth, even when it is hard. They inspire you to thrive and do what is right. Oh how I need to work at being a true friend like this!

Orientation training

The beginning of February I didn't have a chance to make a full update so just sent a simple email to ask you to pray for our Orientation training. Here is a picture of our new missionaries that attended and the countries where they will be serving.

Our time went very well and thank you for praying for me as I taught on our new systems. I was amazed at what God did through your intercession for me! Building friendships was also an important part of our time together. 

US Team Retreat

A couple weeks after Orientation I flew to Colorado for a US Team Retreat (our director and his wife live there). There is nothing like having time together that helped all of us not only learn new training materials but to bond together as a team. Another opportunity to deepen our friendships. We have a great team!

While in Colorado I also got to have time with my dear friend Kimra. We laughed, prayed together, met some of her dear friends, and so much more. I also got to have time with Hayley. She is one of our missionary kids from the Czech Republic that lived with me during her first couple of years of college. She is now married and living in Fort Collins. What a special gift from God to have time deepening these dear friendships.

Prayer Requests

I leave for my spring trip overseas tomorrow morning. I will first fly to Israel to attend a JV retreat for our missionary singles. I don't often have a traveling companion, but get the privilege of having one of our single missionaries, Heidi, on the same flights. After the retreat I will spend some time with my dear Israeli friends, Eitan and Orit. From there I will travel to have a few days with John & Amber in Croatia before we make the drive to Czech for the JV spring conference. Here are some things to be praying for:

  • I will have lots of friendship opportunities with our singles. May I be a good friend who asks meaningful questions that lets them know how much I care for them.

  • I will be helping Orit prepare for their Passover festivities. May I serve as a true friend.

  • I will be an encouraging friend in the many conversations I will have over the next month.

  • I will be willing to share truth and sometimes hard, but necessary words that promote growth.

  • Safety and health as I travel.

I am very thankful for the different levels of friendship I have with each one of you. Some of you know me better than others, but I appreciate whatYou bring into my life. 

With love,

"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another."    Proverbs 27:17