Reflections on Ladies Bible Study: Peacemakers

Reflections from the Peacemaker Ladies Bible Study: A few of the ladies shared thoughts from the videos and workbook Living the Gospel in Relationships with Tara Barthel.

It is in understanding our own depravity (doctrine of sin) and the just punishment we deserve that we see our need of the Cross. The Lord helps us see our desperation for mercy and Grace every single day. This is God working in you to remember the Cross.
In conflicts the Gospel shows us how to respond in faith, mercy, and compassion. Gods Word is the #1 means of grace; it is sufficient and His Spirit is at work in our hearts. Run to Christ.
It is Tara’s persistence of centering on the Cross, the Gospel, Jesus, and the Word that I loved. Also there is something about hearing another’s suffering and seeing where the Lord has brought them; it fills our hearts with Hope. All our sufferings are different but we know the Lord is the Great Healer. Tara thanks for sharing your story.
If we understand the Gospel at its core (the Cross of Jesus), it gives us the confidence and desire to live it out. Thank you Tara for guiding us thru the Gospel and lifting up the Cross and reminding us where to “Run.”
This study came at the right time in my life, and has armed me with the knowledge and tools to deal with conflict and “differences of opinion” in a Scripture-centric way. 
It has changed my interaction with my mother and brother into a more loving and prayer-filled approach. It has given me the path forward to repent and seek forgiveness with my sister-in-law, the hope that those discussions will bring her to saving faith, and peace if she does not.
Blessings to my sisters as they grow with this gift.
I loved how practical and down to earth this study was! As I am the mom and thermometer of our home, our whole family has benefited from this study, as it has helped to bring peace into our home.
— a mom


The 4 G’s of Peacemaking (Resolving Conflict)

  • Glorify God
  • Get the log out of my eye
  • Gently restore (redemptive confrontation)
  • Go and be reconciled

Conflict is an opportunity to:

  • Glorify God (trust Him, obey Him, imitate Him, acknowledge Him)
  • Serve others (be merciful to them—breathe grace)
  • Grow to be more like Christ (act justly, draw on His grace, practice new attitudes and habits)
The cross chart . . . as the cross grows bigger and bigger in my life and I truly understand how much I have been forgiven, then I will begin living out the Gospel in my relationships. I will stop expecting perfection from others when I know how far I fall short.
We don’t need to be taught more but just remember who God is and who we are in Him. I need to remember to live for eternity, not Hotel Earth that is so temporary. 
I think what I loved most about this study is how much time was spent getting my relationship with God right first and seeing others through grace-based lenses. I’m not called to fix people or circumstances but to grow together in grace.
So many other great quotes and teaching. Loved Tara’s openness and her heart for Christ and women.

Now to live with grace . . .