The Boys of Bethlehem

Imagine when the angels heard the plan that would unfold
Did they faint in joy or fear when wonders they were told?
Did they clutch each other’s robes, elated yet so grieved?
Did they rise on brilliant wings or fall down on their knees?
Could they foresee mankind’s despair enslaved to self and sin?
Could they ask our questions then; What of the boys of Bethlehem?
So many years, so many souls since that ancient start
Herod’s hatred sat enthroned in his darkened heart
Nothing would detract or turn the power “due” to him
He designed a brutal plan:  “Slay the boys of Bethlehem.”
How did the holy messengers stay their blazing swords?
Did they tremble, did they weep as they obeyed their Lord?
They watched that night as they would millennia to come
Sin reign on earth o’er men, but not o’er every one...
A remnant they did witness growing,
As the Holy Spirit, sowing
Worked through human hearts and minds
Guiding souls to seek and find
A peace the world can’t understand   
In one God, in one man
Spared as a babe from tyrant’s sword
For a cross - The Lord of Lords
Between the manger and the nails, all earthly kingdoms in His view,
A fallen angel guaranteed, “Bow to me - All this for you!”
He could have puppeteered a peace - a flawed, maddening gem.
Twisted time upon a pin. Spared the boys of Bethlehem
He could have eased all lives and minds into a numbing drone
Secure and safe, smiles all around, eyes as cold as stone
“Where is Love?!”, no one could cry for human hearts would die
And sun, and moon, and God Himself unravel with the sky
Instead the Son would obey, surrendering control
Everyday He chose to love, knowing well the toll
In the end He was betrayed (a prelude of my will)
In that court of man’s design He suffered and was still
The angels saw the Righteous One accused of all that’s vile
Somehow again they held their wrath at that unrighteous trial
So many searching souls had tried just to touch His hem
But now, led as a lamb, He joined the boys of Bethlehem
How will He take this weary world, this darkened heart of mine?
How will He harvest living fruit from this withered vine?
Every tear will be dried, all wrongs His eyes will find
This mystery is beyond my feeble human mind
Hold joy’s bloom gently now - it has an aching stem
Embrace and love, remembering the boys of Bethlehem
A certain vision I have known with you now I share
I saw a holy legion standing where I would not dare
They faced His Throne of Righteousness, listened for awhile
Then looked to me with peaceful eyes and tender, knowing smiles
And as they turned, unfolding wings revealed in cradled arms,
Placed in their care by Him
They held the boys of Bethlehem

copyright 2015

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