Every day we are faced with choices: surrender to self-pity, or press on in spite of disappointment and failure.

Well-known author and speaker, Joni Eareckson Tada spoke on the most crucial choices we face each day on her radio program “Joni and Friends,” on July 7, 2015. Here is a paragraph to whet your appetite: 

You know choices can be so hard. And I don’t mean choosing between Coca-Cola or Pepsi. I mean the tough, no-nonsense, single focused kind of choices that move you forward in life; that move you away from self-pity and into serving others. Or choices that cut you off from your old, sinful lifestyle and open the door to a fresh new way of living in Jesus. Sometimes the choices we make seem small and ordinary, but oh my goodness, bear huge results, like when I broke my neck. After I got out of the rehab center, and after I’d been living with quadriplegia for a short time, I finally got tired of being fed dinner at our family table—I felt badly that my sister couldn’t enjoy her own meal, but had to keep feeding me in between her own bites. I could not envision doing this for the rest of my life.