God's Mark on His Sheep

“God’s Mark on His Sheep” is from the Joni and Friends radio broadcast, August 31, 2015.

The Good Shepherd puts His mark on our lives to remind us that we belong to Him. It is a sign of His ownership, provision, and protection.
Psalm 23 is such a beautiful poem about God and His people; it speaks directly to the joys and fears of all of us, doesn’t it? And as you well know, the Psalm is all about Jesus, the Good Shepherd of our souls. From the very first verse, it is clear that we belong to God, to our Shepherd, not only because He made us but because He saved us. At one time, each of us was like that lost sheep that went astray; and aren’t you glad that your Shepherd came and found you and rescued you? But there’s one other thing about our Shepherd, because He is the One who owns us, He will place His mark on us. Now, I read that it is a fact that sheep-herders will mark their sheep with a notch cut in the ear or by some other distinguishing mark. A physical mark is a sign that we are owned by the Shepherd. Ephesians chapter 1, verse 13, says that when we come to believe in Christ, we receive His mark, His symbol of His love and ownership over us.
For me, I’ve always thought of the scar on my neck as being a sign of God's ownership over my life.