Our Prodigal God


We serve a prodigal God.

That may sound weird to you at first. We tend to associate the word prodigal with the rebellious son from Jesus’s parable in Luke 15. But the word really refers to someone who spends or gives in lavish or extravagant ways.

What better way is there to describe how our God treats us? He didn’t just create a world for us; he filled it with sights and smells and sounds that dazzle the senses. He didn’t just give us food to eat; he gave us a dizzying variety of delicious foods. When he has a birthday, we’re inspired to celebrate it by feasting and giving gifts to one another. He doesn’t just tell us he loves us. He demonstrates it by giving us everything ... even himself.

The Word of God emptied his bank account and became a man. He walked with us, befriending us and showing us how to truly live. And then, He exchanged our death for his “indestructible life” (Heb. 7:16). When he had every right to withhold his blessings from his rebellious sons and daughters and condemn us forever, he instead spared no expense to welcome us back to his banquet table.

The God we serve is more generous than we can imagine.

John 3:16-17 For God So Love the World

"Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light" - Glad


Annunciation - El Greco

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