“We’re Building Excitement!”

VBS Update - March 24, 2017:

When I was growing up, the main line of the Pontiac Car Commercial went something like this… “We Build Excitement!  And truly the Pontiac Trans Am, GTO, and Firebird were some of the most exciting muscle cars on the market!

I feel the same way about Vacation Bible School this year… “We’re Building Excitement!”  We’ve passed our first wave of volunteers’ recruitment.  People are stepping-up to lead, teach, counsel and basically pour Truth into the lives of the young people attending.   We’ve worked with the schedule, the room assignments, and are setting in motion the church/community recruitment and registration piece of the operation.

Good news: We have a Drama Director!  We thought the DVDs were going to be our drama this year but, with a Drama Director, a full-blown drama will occur along with those wonderful sets that are designed and built by Marshal.  The Brotherhood of Traveling… Drama Sets is occurring again this year.  Two churches, so far, have signed up for using our Drama Sets after we are finished.  It’s exciting to know that the atmosphere created during our VBS week will be created in other churches across Northern Illinois.

We really feel a groundswell of excitement building as the pieces of the VBS program are falling into place.  Yet we fully realize that all of our labor is in vain apart from the igniting of the Holy Spirit upon the whole operation.  So our final comment is please… pray, pray, pray for the work of God to be put on display in the hearts and minds of all who are involved with the planning, recruiting, training, implementing, and those participating in this VBS Missionary Journey.

Thank you all so much,

Ed Poole


(We need all Volunteers to register so that we can get your T-shirt size and coordinate childcare.  Please sign-up to help Ed out, thanks!)