VBS Day 1 is in the Record Books!

Day 1 of Vacation Bible School is in the record books!  We had 128 children, rotate through 5 classes, in 80+ degree heat… and yet we still call it Operation Arctic, and not Operation Oven!  Counting the Nurseries we had a total of 140 children all over our campus.

Our stellar Drama team is portraying chilling Arctic intrigue searching for “hidden treasure” (under hot stage lights) and the audience is riveted!

Walking through the classrooms I am utterly amazed at the creativity of the people who are transforming their classrooms into Arctic Wonderlands!

The lessons are crafted in such a way as to lay out meaningful Truth whether it’s to Kindergarteners or to 5th graders.  The boys and girls are happily engaged learning life changing lessons.

All in all, we’re off to a great start!

Arctic Ed