What did you learn in Sunday School today?




The Lost Sheep– Luke 15:3-7
Lesson Truth- Jesus loves and cares for each one of his children.  

Can you tell me?

  1. What did the naughty little lamb do?
  2. What did the shepherd do when he lost his little lamb?
  3. What did the shepherd feel when he found the little lamb?
  4. Who loves you and takes good care of you?


4s-1st Grade

Gethsemane and the Trail of Jesus– Matthew 26:1-19, 36-50
Catechism Question #26
Lesson Goal- Students will recognize that they deny or betray Jesus with sinful attitudes and actions  


  1. Examine ways you are not submitting to Jesus' authority.
  2. Turn from sinful attitudes and actions that deny or betray Jesus.
  3. Pursue two or three ways you can offer Jesus praise and obedience.


2nd-5th Grade

Jesus Endures the Cross– Matthew 27
Catechism Question #26
Lesson Goal- Students will worship Jesus Christ for dying for sin and giving access to God.


  1. Acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God.
  2. Follow the example of the women who stayed near Jesus.
  3. Praise Jesus for suffering and dying for sin.
  4. Trust Jesus for the forgiveness of sin.


Children's Church

The Son of Man is Crucified– Luke 22:7-20, 39-46
Lesson Goal- Students will learn the significance of the Passover and that Jesus is the Passover Lamb.


  1. Thank God that He send His Son to be the perfect sacrifice for sin.
  2. Obey Jesus by remembering what He did on the cross.
  3. Describe the different attitudes toward Christ.

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