God Always Provides! Thoughts from April 15, 2018

God Always Provides!

Often, in staff meetings, we share "God sightings". . . those times in our ministries when we have seen God's hand in a very visible way.  Well, today, I had one!  You will often hear me say that "God always provides" in Children's Ministry, but today was downright remarkable!  

Literally, I was on my phone, texting a volunteer who had just told me she was sick, when I had a new volunteer standing in front of me, asking if I could put her on the schedule to start serving once a month.  God's hand at work!  Earlier this week, I spoke with someone about a longer term opening I was hoping she would consider, only to find out that she had already been praying about it!  Thank you Lord for your provision!

Thank you to all who have been such an encouragement to me through your faithful service!  You are blessings, and I am so thankful for you!  

Lessons taught on April 15, 2018. . . be sure to ask your kiddos!

2/3s-  Peter in Prison, Acts 12: 1-19

Lesson Truth- Jesus listens when we pray for others

Followup and Application-

1.  Tell what Peter's friends were doing while he was in prison.

2.  Tell who answered their prayers.

3.  Suggest some people for whom they can pray.


4s-1st Grade, 2nd-5th Grade***-  God Sends Plagues on Egypt, Exodus 7-10

Lesson Goal-  Students will praise and trust God because of His awesome power.

Lesson Objectives-  Students will be able to

1.  Recite the first nine plagues.

2.  Describe Pharaoh's responses to the plagues.

3.  Give the purpose for the plagues.


Catechism Question #30

***The 2nd-5th grade class did not meet today due to illness.