Tomorrow's the Big Day


This weekend has been packed with new experiences for the team! From exploring Pogradec to inviting people to our camp at parks in Korçe, we have had a great time getting to know this country and the people who live here.

This morning we worshipped with the church we are partnering with in the gospel, Kishan Ungjillore Korçe (Evangelical Church of Korçe). It was such an awesome experience to sing familiar songs in a different language. Truly the gospel is not bound to any country! After church, the guys joined their new friends to play some competitive ping-pong at a local arcade. The girls finished buying all the supplies needed for the camps. Clearly the guys have no problem mixing business with pleasure.

With one more night before camp, we went out to the streets to invite more high schoolers to the camp. This was a great way to bond with the church leaders as well as meet many new people. 

The church is both excited about this camp and unsure how it will turn out. This will be the first time a day camp will be offered in Korçe and we don't know who will show up. Please pray with us that God would draw many students to this camp so that many will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ! Pray for the gospel to bear fruit through the salvation of the students! Pray for God to build his church in Korçe through this camp!

We want everyone to hear that "Jezus Krishti është Zot" (Jesus Christ is Lord)!