We're Halfway There


It's morning in Korce and the team is sipping on coffee as we prepare for our third day of English Camp (Kamp Anglisht). It's been an exciting couple days as we have really dived in to small groups and gotten deep with the students. For most of us, last night was the first time we were able to get below the surface and talk about where a lot of the students were at in their relationship to Christ. Some regularly attend church, others once in a while, while others still come from either a Muslim or non-religious background. The harvest is ripe and we're praying God will allow us to reap it!

One of the best ways that we build relationships with the students is through our English classes. It's been a blast teaching them English! We have three levels offered depending on the student's skill: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Maggie Danaher and Emma Okesson lead up the advanced group. Their classroom is a lively group who are "punished" with 10 push-ups if they speak Albanian in class (the class even kept Maggie and Emma honest by making Maggie do push ups for using an Albanian phrase). Heidi Ansiel and Jon Wright lead up the intermediate group. This is a rowdy (but fun!) group of students who love competing for candy. Matt Csakai and Daryle Worley lead up the beginner group. This group is eager to learn, but when a pencil is in their hand they are better artists than English speakers.

Please continue to pray for us as we share the love of Christ and the hope he offers to all who would repent and believe. The nighttime small groups have been getting better with each day, but we know that if the Lord isn't working it's all in vain. So, please, pray for God to change the hearts of the students and for him to continue to build his Church in Albania!