Global Outreach Prayer Meeting Recap

We had a wonderful time in prayer for our global outreach workers this past Sunday.  If you were unable to join us, you can view some of the prayer requests here.

"Unlisted Workers" are those whose privacy may need to be protected.  For more info on the unlisted missionaries, you can contact our Global Outreach Support Team.


Dave & Connie Patty

The Josiah Venture Prayer Room: a 24/7 digital & global prayer room where 1-2 people pray hourly for the JV ministry.

Dave has been experiencing occasional spells of vertigo the doctors haven’t yet been able to diagnose.

The JV Ladies Conference is being held March 14-17

Tyler & Lara, and Claire who are in the process of raising support as JV missionaries.

Tim & Linda Kelly

For fruitful ministry of the Free Evangelical Bible Church in Meine.

Prayer for Tim’s radio ministry that is broadcasted across Germany

For Linda’s many discipleship relationships with the women of their church.

That they would not be ashamed of the gospel. (2 Timothy 1:8-14)


Karis Wadsack

Gospel opportunities with her friends at swing dancing.

For the mentoring relationships she has with three students in their youth ministry

Karis has had many opportunities to talk about faith with her language tutor who is a Catholic. Prayer for those conversations that are primarily taking place in Slovene.

Enablement and time to continue learning the Slovene language.

Eitan & Orit Kashtan

Prayer for Liel and Sergey in their planning and getting ready for the up coming wedding in July.

For time management and a good balance between work and rest.

For Grace and Truth Christian Congregation, that it would be the light of Christ in the community.

That the material published by HaChotam Publishing Company would be used mightily for ministry in Israel.


Vova & Lucie Sofiyan

For the Artshat congregation. That they would boldly preach and live the gospel in their community.

For the annual pastors’ conferences that brings together pastors from around Armenia for fellowship, encouragement, and teaching.

That the Lord would protect their family and that their daughters would grow in the wisdom, love and knowledge of the Lord.

Unlisted #1

That they would continue to make progress in their study of the language

For the students at the Bible College to grow in their knowledge of the Lord and ability to communicate God’s Word.

Prayer for the safe delivery of the baby due this spring.


Theresa Kerns

That she would rely on the Holy Spirit’s enablement and guidance to minister to the missionary women oversees.

Wisdom in time management and taking time to rest and be refreshed.

That she would be enabled by God to live out a Titus 2 ministry in her relationships with the women of Josiah Venture.

Ilie & Ghizela Nadaban

For Pregeteria Baptist Church, that they would be a light to their community.

The Nadaban’s reach out to the gypsy community in Romania, one of the poorest communities in Europe. Prayer that they would effectively love and be ministers of the Gospel to their neighbors.

1 Corinthians 15:58


Sasoon & Sirosh Margaryan

That they would rely on the Lord to be sufficient for all their needs.

That their family would be a light of the Gospel in their community.

That the Lord would direct and enable Sasoon each week as he preaches on Sunday and leads their weekly Thursday night bible study.

That the Lord would bear gospel fruit in their community.

Unlisted #2

For their children as they raise them in a predominantly Muslim culture

For the Seminary whose goal is to raise up pastor’s to plant a new church in every village within one generation

For their upcoming visit with us, that we as a church would support and grow in our relationship with them.