An Update from the Kashtans

One thing you can count on with Eitan and Orit, they always seem to be juggling multiple projects at a time. It is incredible listening as they recount the latest project at HaChotam Publishing House, the most recent conference they are planning, the next youth group camping trip--each deadline approaching one right after the other. Yet, never with a sense of anxiety, or urgency. They are settled, trusting the Lord to provide the very strength and supply they need to do the next task before them. When visiting them a few years ago, I was challenged by their forbearance in a very difficult location of the world. Often "hard pressed on every side" (as the NIV states in 2 Corinthians 4:8) by political powers, religious organizations, sickness, fires, yet they press on with endurance out of an obedience and love for the Lord and the church. It is always exciting to receive the latest update from them, and to hear how the Lord is working in and through their publishing ministry and their church. 

Below is an update from Orit about the big projects coming up for them this summer.

Please pray for our two major projects that we are working on these days: The first is the coming soon Women conference. It is going to be on July 6th, in Jerusalem. The theme is "The bride and the Messiah".  Since it is our 10th anniversary for the women conferences it is going to be very special. First instead of doing two conferences, one in the North and one in Jerusalem as we usually did, this time they are all coming to Jerusalem. We expect around 300 women from all over Israel, We provide translation into 4 languages – Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. We call it a taste of heaven. It is going to look like a big wedding event and the messages will point out to how are we as the church-the bride, should prepare our selves for the groom-the Messiah. We will do it through teaching, drama and praise time. Please pray with us that God will bless this day and that all that we will do will be for His glory.

The second big, huge, project that we are working on these days is a special music CD for kids. What is so special about it? First there are going to be 100 short  songs in it. Second we collected most of the Christian children songs that were written in Israel in the last 50 years and they are all going to be in it. We call it "My first 100 Christian songs" – the first songs that every kid from a Christian family should grow with. There is a lovely colorful book that will go with the CD containing the words and fun drawings.  It is a huge project! We already collected all the songs. Made all the play back music processing for each song and now recording the singers. We won't be able to finish it this year because of lack of budget and workers (we are only 4 working people in our Publishing House that in the same time do the conferences, write and publish books and magazines and help with the school of arts that we started few years ago). We pray that God will give us the ability to finish this project. We can do it with His help.

Please be in prayer for the Kashtans:

  • Prayers for the large Women's Conference on July 6th. For the Lord to provide many hands to help with setup, food prep, and clean up. For the speakers (Orit will be one of the speakers). For the women, that they would have soft hearts to receive from the Lord what he would have for them during the conference. And for the Lord's protection. There is often spiritual warfare in the weeks leading up to this conference.

  • Prayers for the special music project that they are working on at HaChotam. That the Lord would provide the resources and the ability to finish the project. And that many children would grow and learn about the Lord through these resources.

  • For their youngest son serving in the army. And for protection for all the Israeli soldiers.