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"My First 100 Songs" Concert in Israel

What the Kashtans have called their biggest project yet, has wrapped up with an incredible celebration this week. Last year they endeavored to produce a children’s CD entitled “My First 100 Songs”. It has been a long period of song writing, studio recording, creating artistic images for each song, and preparing for the concert.

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Praise Born Through Trial

It was two years ago that our church received a concerning email from Eitan and Orit Kashtan, our missionaries in Israel. There had been a fire in their home started by some bad electrical wiring. Much of their home had to be rebuilt and the Kashtans spent several months renting an apartment in Tel Aviv. Yet, I remember their initial email telling us about the fire. After giving the practical details of what had happened and what needed to be done, they ended with thanksgiving.

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An Update from the Kashtans

One thing you can count on with Eitan and Orit, they always seem to be juggling multiple projects at a time. It is incredible listening as they recount the latest project at HaChotam Publishing House, the most recent conference they are planning, the next youth group camping trip--each deadline approaching one right after the other.

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