That the word of the Lord might speed ahead and be honored...(2 Thess 3:1)


This Sunday we rejoiced as a body in sending off Heidi Ansiel to her new home in Slovenia with Josiah Venture. Heidi Ansiel has served on a number of short term JV mission trips over the years. She recently sensed the call from the Lord to make this a more permanent commitment. Our Grace Church family confirmed Heidi’s calling with joy.

During her time serving as a JV intern in Slovenia, she was able to work closely with their Communications Team in Celje. It was a time of exciting Gospel stories, witnessing the glory of the Lord being proclaimed through the lives of believers in that region. It was also a time of growth and personal call from the Lord. When Heidi returned home, she pursued that leading from the Lord. We are now excited to be sending her out as a new Grace Church missionary with Josiah Venture.

How we can Support Heidi in Prayer:

  1. Heidi will spend the next year living in Ljubljana (the capital city in Slovenia). She will spend a large amount of her time learning the Slovene language. Please pray for her! Slavic languages can be a challenge to learn.

  2. Heidi will be working with young Slovene women in discipleship relationships. It is her desire to demonstrate the grace and love of God to them, encouraging them to commit their lives to Christ and pursue him in obedience and faith. Please pray for opportunities for and in these relationships.

  3. Heidi will be working with the JV Communications Team finding creative ways to promote gospel presentation for JV ministry. Please be in prayer for this aspect of her ministry work as well!