Seminary Graduation and a Visit to the Armenia Church in Yerevan

Pastor Ray returned from his trip to Armenia this week. It was a wonderful time together! He had the opportunity to preach twice on Sunday June 16th. He spoke on the passage from Hebrews 4:11-16 at Central Baptist and Maranata Baptist. At the seminary, he gave the daily morning devotional, and was able to teach Eschatology from 9am-3pm each day that week. Pastor Ray also participated in seven thesis defense boards for graduating students.

Another exciting celebration that took place while Pastor Ray was in Armenia, was the seminary graduation ceremony on Saturday June 23rd. Pastor Ray spoke on 1 Thessalonians 2 at the ceremony and handed out diplomas. Nine men received their BA in Pastoral Studies, and two women received their Associates degree in Christian Education.

Pastor Ray also had the chance to visit with Pastor Vova Sofiyan during his time there.

Ways to be praying for Armenia:

  • Pray for VBS in Vova's church (Grace Baptist Church) in Artashat - his wife Lucie will lead this ministry.

  • The seminary will start again this fall with new students signed up for the 3-yr curriculum - pray for new students & faculty.

Below are some photos from the trip.