NO! I don't want to!


Parent’s Corner- June 23, 2019


“The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.” 

Psalm 103:8 ESV


Every time I think about the story of Jonah, I can’t help but think of the stubbornness of a toddler. . . NO!  I don’t want to!  Isn’t it a beautiful picture of God’s graciousness that he dealt with Jonah so well!  How many times am I like Jonah. . . NO!  I don’t want to!  I’m so thankful that God’s mercy and graciousness extends to us all! 


We serve a good and gracious God.  May He bless you this week!


This week in Sunday School. . .


2/3s- Mary Anoints Jesus

Scripture- John 12:1-8

Lesson Truth- Jesus is happy when we give.

Aims for the children- to do at least one of the following during this lesson:

1.     Tell what Mary gave to Jesus

2.     Tell how Jesus liked the gift

3.     Learn a poem about giving


4s-K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-5th- God Shows Mercy to Jonah and Nineveh

Scripture- Jonah 1-4

Principle- God is gracious and compassionate.

Ask your child- Why did Jonah not want to preach to Nineveh?

Apply- By thanking God for being merciful to sinners.

This Week- As a family, read Jonah 1-4

Next Week- The Book of Esther


Children’s Church- The Philippian Jailer is Saved

Scripture- Acts 16:16-40

Lesson Goal- Students will have the joy that only comes from knowing Christ.

Bible Truths-

1.     Paul and Silas were beaten and put in prison.

2.     God sent an earthquake to open the prison door.

3.     The jailer believed in God with his family and rejoiced.

Key Verse- “…and he rejoiced, having believed in God with all his household.”  Acts 16:34