Walk by the Spirit: What Did Jesus Teach About the Spirit? (Session 1)

Conference on The Holy Spirit with Dave Patty
January 26-27, 2008

What did Jesus teach about the Spirit? He promised a Counselor. John 14:15-17John 14:25-27John 15:6-15Acts 1:4-8

What did Jesus teach about the Spirit? He promised a Counselor, but what does that mean?  How does the Holy Spirit relate to my mind? What did the apostles teach about the Spirit? If we want the life and peace the Holy Spirit promises we must take responsibility for submitting our thoughts to him.  How does the Holy Spirit relate to my will? Understanding what it means to "walk" as referred to in Galatians 5:16-26 is crucial. We must recognize that this is not a one-time event. I must choose to submit my will to him over and over every day.  How is a person filled with the Holy Spirit? I am filled with the Spirit when His presence, influence and control penetrate every corner of my life (John 12:3). How can I be more filled with the Spirit?

Without this power, our work will be a drudgery. With it, it becomes a joyful task, a refreshing service... The doctrine of the Holy Spirit has been too much overlooked, as though it were not practical, and the result is lack of power in testimony and work.”
— D.L. Moody

The disciples knew the power of the Holy Spirit. After a commission to spread the good news to the world, they were instructed to wait “for the gift my Father promised, which you heard me speak about.” (Acts 1:4) A few days later they were filled with the Spirit and the result was so powerful that three thousand people were added to their number that day.

As Catherine Marshall said,“We in our century are certainly no less needy than our Lord or those first disciples. For us to attempt any church work, any ministry or witnessing solely through man’s devices, talents, and organizational machinery alone is as effective as trying to drive our car with water in the gas tank.”

What about you? Is the Holy Spirit free to do his work in your life? Are you experiencing the energy of his presence?