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Who Is a God Like You?

Today we turn our attention to Micah’s third oracle (cc.6-7), where God accuses His people in court, asking why they have chosen not to honor the covenant. He assures them of coming judgment, and Micah grieves the evil state of God’s people. But the Lord again promises to restore a remnant and establish them as great among the nations. So Micah finishes by marveling at the steadfast love and faithfulness and forgiveness of God, even in hard days. Let’s walk through cc.6-7 in three steps.

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And He Shall Be Their Peace

Last week we heard Micah making the grand announcement that the Lord is coming out of his place (1:3)his holy temple (1:2), to bear witness against (1:2) Israel and Judah for their idolatry (1:7) and injustice (2:1-2; 8-9). Just as Israel was about to go into exile in Assyria (1:6; 2:10)Judah would follow suit in due course (1:9) because of their failure to obey God, to honor His covenant. But still, He promised to gather them in from exile like sheep in a fold, like a flock in its pasture (1:12), and then lead them forth into a wholly new life by a shepherd/king, who is also the Lord Himself! He will suddenly appear on the scene without introduction. That’s where Micah goes in the first of his three oracles (c.1-2). So, what does he want his readers to know next?

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