Today and One Day

Today and One Day

We are soon preparing to send out Claire Patty to serve with Josiah Venture as their JV Kid Ministry Specialist in Central and Eastern Europe.  Here she reflects on the reality of living between joy and sorrow.

"Perhaps this paradox will sound familiar to you today at the start of another new week. May you find the hope in Christ's presence today and the hope of his Second Coming."
- Claire

Pray for the Nadabans

Pastor Ilie Nadaban, his wife Ghizela and their daughter

Pastor Ilie Nadaban, his wife Ghizela and their daughter

 Grace Church of DuPage got to know Pastor Ilie in 2000 when a music outreach team from our church ministered at an evangelistic service in their church in Romania. Shortly afterward we began supporting him, allowing him to quit his factory job and devote full time to pastoral ministry.

Being a Romanian Gypsy, God has granted Pastor Nadaban an effective ministry within the Gypsy population in Arad.   Pregeteria Baptist Church has seen 40 people come to Christ and be baptized in the past 15 years;  there are now 35 members and 25 additional regular attendees. 

Learn more about their ministry ➝


  • We received an email last week informing us that Pastor Nadaban has had a heart attack. He is in stable condition in the hospital. Doctors are recommending he have a surgery to place three cardiac stents. His family and church are asking for our prayers, specifically for surgery costs and his safe recovery.
  • Please also be praying for Pregeteria Baptist Church that they would be a bold and faithful witness to their community. (Acts 28:31)
  • That the congregation would stay faithful to the truth of God's word. That they would love and encourage one another well as brothers and sisters in Christ. (Colossians 3:12-17)

We're Back!

The Slovenia team rolled into O'Hare around 8 pm last night. Forgive me for not sending any updates between now and then. We had very limited internet access and a whirlwind schedule including two concerts and a quick trip to Bled for a day to debrief as a team. We look forward to sharing our stories with you all soon. 


If you've been following our updates, you've probably figured out that the theme of camp this year is "Seen". It is based on the idea that we all long to be seen, to be noticed, to be made much of, and how Jesus has done this for each one of us in the gospel. He's seen our need and come to rescue us. 

Last night, the gospel was clearly communicated and the students were invited to discuss it with our team and the JV leaders at the camp in a coffee shop type setting. I'll let the team members tell you their stories, but I'll just say I couldn't be prouder of how our GCD team eagerly pursued these students, invited them to follow Christ, and then prayed with them no matter where they were at. Thank you for your prayers, they were evident in a very palpable way as the night progressed and I look forward to sharing more on this when we return.

Here is the video from Thursday. The purpose of this video was to make sure everyone felt seen, so you should see everyone from camp in it, though I did miss a few Americans!

Gearing Up

We're approaching the end of our fourth day of camp and the students attention is beginning to turn from flirting and fun to gearing up for the actual concerts. There is something about knowing you will soon be in front a crowded hall with an instrument in your hand that focuses even the most distracted of students.

The music isn't the only thing that is progressing, as camp continues we've seen relationships deepen along with the conversation in those relationships. Today I was waiting for a milkshake with one of the students and he turned to me and held out the wrist on which hung his camp bracelet. On the back of the bracelet there is a heart, an x, a cross, and a question mark. He looked up at me and said, "What do these mean?"

In the next few moments I was able to explain to him God's love, our sin, Jesus' sacrificial death, and our need to decide whether or not we will receive the gift of God's forgiveness. What ensued was a short but focused conversation on the gospel, my encouragement to follow Christ, and the testimony that for me, following Jesus has been the best decision I've ever made. 

Tomorrow is gospel night. Would you be praying that the student's hearts would be prepared by the Spirit to accept God's wonderful gift to us? 

In the meantime, here is a recap video of the last few days . . . 

Consider Yourself Invited

Today was similar to yesterday except we played dodgeball instead of water olympics. I'm proud to say the Americans upheld their dodgeball honor by defeating all of the students at camp alongside a few of the Slovene leaders. I'd like to think we were inspired by our nation's independence day to continue the American tradition of being a overly competitive while trying to win others to our way of life. 

Today's video was made to put out on social media and invite people to attend our concerts at the end of the week where they will see the product of our hard work, hear the gospel, and be invited to participate in the Fusion group. 

Please pray for our team as we will be leading the students in a Wild West night tonight. Thanks for keeping us lifted up while we're away!

Finding Our Groove

We're almost through with our first full day of camp. The castle is filled with the sounds of, well, noise, but it will be music by the end of the week. Our American team is doing a great job. Daryle is leading a drums workshop with 12 students! Heidi also has a large group in her media workshop and just finished teaching them the basic principles of photography before sending them out to capture the next great shot, on their phones no less. Hannah is working with Marusha to lead the dance workshop and they looked pretty amazing for the first day of learning the dance! Everyone else is spread throughout the castle conducting, learning bass, guitar, keyboards, and preparing solos. Keep praying for us as we jump into our second message from Andrej in just a few hours. Enjoy today's recap video!

Orientation Overview

Our few days of orientation have come to an end and we're now at the Castle in Millstatt, Austria! I tried uploading this video last night but our internet in Celje was too slow. Please pray for our week as we begin building relationships with the students!

GCD Slovenia Team 2017

Orientation in Slovenia

Week 4: GO Focus Month

Week 4: GO Focus Month

9:00AM ABF -
CE 13
Jon & Andrea - Teaching in Vietnam Report

Slovenia Team Send Off
Jon - The Church is Light to the World, Philippians 2:14-18

Eduardo Mendes - Training Leaders International
Brian Williams - Christ-centered Education in the City of Chicago

Andrea – Living in Tension: Finding Beauty in the Ampersand

Week 1: GO Focus Month

Week 1: GO Focus Month

 - CE 15/16
Matt Bigelow

Matt & Susan Bigelow Presentation – Church Planting in South Africa
Pastor Daryle Worley – Pursuing and Protecting the Priority of the Gospel, Philippians 4:1-9

Hannah Burns – English Language Institute/China
Dr. Irene Thevatheril – Cornerstone Family Health Clinic

Pray for the Kashtans


Eitan and Orit are native Israelis who came to saving faith in Jesus Christ during their time in the States at the Master's Mission. Upon learning and studying the Word they felt a passionate calling from the Lord to return to their homeland to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. They were sent out by Grace Church of DuPage in 1992.

The Kashtans' primary ministry is the HaChotam Christian publishing house which produces separate periodicals geared towards adults, youth and children. Through this ministry, the Kashtans are able to instruct Israeli Christians in sound doctrine and practice. Additionally, they translate many books, devotionals, and music into Hebrew for local churches and believers. The Kashtans are members of Grace and Truth Christian Congregation near Tel Aviv. They are very active in the ministry of that church


  • For the many hats the Kashtans wear in their publishing ministry and serving in their church. That they would manage their time well and find a good balance between work and rest. (Matthew 11:28-30)
  • For Grace and Truth Christian Congregation, that it would be the light of Christ in its community. (Colossians 4:5-6)
  • That the material published by HaChotam Publishing Company would be used mightily for ministry in Israel. (Isaiah 55)