Vova & Lucie Sofiyan

Vova was born in the neighboring Muslim country of Azerbaijan. He came to Christ in his mid-20s, several years after his family moved to Armenia. Responding to God's call to pastoral ministry, Vova enrolled in a one-year pastoral training regimen in a Baptist church in Russia.Upon returning to Armenia, he began to preach for Russian speaking worship services in the capital city of Yerevan.

In March 2001, Grace Church of DuPage began supporting Vova and his wife Lucie as church planters in the city of Artashat. This enabled Vova to quit working as a barber and freed him to devote himself fully to planting a church. In 2007, the Baptist Union purchased a house near downtown Artashat that has now been refurbished into a church. 

Georgia, Margaryan family .JPG

Sasoon & Sirosh Margaryan

In 2013, Grace Church of DuPage began to support Sasoon Margaryan as a church planter in Akhaltsike, Georgia. Sasoon and his wife Sirosh were born and raised in Georgia, where about half a million Armenians reside.  

Sasoon began his gospel ministry in 2010, after graduating from the Baptist Seminary.  Although Sasoon and Sirosh primarily reach out to Armenians, they also look to minister to the Georgian and Jewish peoples who live in Akhaltsike.

Georgia Baptist Union allows the Margaryans to use two of their buildings rent-free. One building serves as their church in Akhaltsike, the other as their home. Sasoon preaches at Sunday worship and teaches a Thursday night Bible study in his apartment.


Seminary & Pastor's Conferences

In addition to church planting, Grace Church of DuPage has sponsored a dozen annual Pastors Conferences hosting over 100 pastors, and providing teachers for seminary instruction. Grace Church of DuPage staff regularly travels to Armenia to be a part of these vital ministries. The seminary, operating since 2000, has graduated about 75 men.   


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