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Don't Lose Confidence in Scripture

2 Timothy 3:14-15

2 Timothy: The promise of life in the face of death.

I want to drill deeper into vv.14-15, because they remind us of three things regarding the nature and accessibility of Scripture.

  1. We don’t need to look away from Scripture when it comes under fire.
  2. Scripture can be learned even by children, so we should teach It to ours.
    Timothy learned it from childhood.
  3. Scripture turns our eyes to Jesus like little else can.
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Set Apart as Holy, Useful, and Ready

2 Timothy - The Promise of Life in the Face of Death (2 Timothy 2:20-3:9)

  1. Instruction of the Vessels Fit for Honorable Use - 2:20-26
  2. Description of the Vessels Fit for Dishonorable Use - 3:1-9
  3. What do we gain from this Passage?
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